About Me

Polly Kronenberger has been an artist since the day she was born. We all are, really. But she took it to the next level, sculpting small versions of the “Terracotta Warriors” in her mashed potatoes. She was three.

Since that time, Kronenberger has been exploring many artistic outlets, from Photography to Writing. A master of the mud pie, and handprint ashtrays, Kronenberger continues to expand her repertoire, including backward connect-the-dots and yarn knotting.

These days, she writes books and a blog. Where everything on these pages is seen through her eyes. And then some.

She lives in Ohio with her life partner and their two dogs. Invariably, two dogs.

Polly truly enjoys cleaning up the crumpled wrapping paper after everyone has opened their Christmas gifts.

She believes in Santa Claus.
And the Easter Bunny.