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I might be standing right next to you.

I’ve lived in the southwestern portion of Ohio for the better part of my life. Mostly.
It used to be you had to write a letter. But now? You can snap your fingers and find me through social media.

There is much to see out there. Like in Ohio.

2,367,313 people in Ohio live in rural areas. That’s about 20 percent of the state’s total population.

Of the eight U.S. Presidents to come from Ohio, only one (Ulysses S. Grant) served two full terms. Four died in office.

Ohio is the only state to have an official rock song. “Hang On Sloopy” was given that designation in 1985.

Harry M. Stevens of Niles is credited with inventing the hot dog, baseball scorecard, and drinking straw.


I’m telling you. This place has its perks.